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Corfu boasts a long lasting history in gastronomy, with splendid ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and fresh seafood. The Mediterranean influences in the local cuisine are obvious throughout the traditional recipes.
If you are looking for exquisite cosmopolitan restaurants or traditional, picturesque taverns, ethnic food options, Greek and International cuisine, Corfu will cover your needs and delight you. Mezes is the way to start a meal in Corfu, meaning that you get a lot of appetizers to surprise your palate in the most outstanding manner. You can accompany the appetizers with a glass of chilled ouzo or local wine or even with an iced cold beer from the local breweries. Ginger-beer is another superb option for those who do not like alcohol. 
Fresh leafy salads are next, before the main courses come. Choose among sofrito (veal in wine sauce, garlic and white pepper), pastitsada (cock or veal meat cooked with tomatoes, wine, onions and spices, served with pasta), and bourdetto (scorpion fish cooked in spicy tomato sauce), for an amazing gastronomic experience. Even fast food is delicious and in fact there are splendid options like souvlaki for you to enjoy. Last but not least, sweets include Kum-Quat sweets or liqueur, mandoles or mandolato (almond and honey based sweets).


Enjoy your meal at Liston, a unique place in Corfu town. The elegant colonnaded Liston was built by the French in 1812. Aegli has been offering Greek and international cuisine, prepared with the flair and skill of 40 years of experience.


In the south part of Corfu you are welcome to experience culinary treasures in Bacchus, one of the best traditional Greek restaurants on the island. Bacchus restaurant is placed right on the gorgeous sandy beach of Messonghi. We wish to suggest you this restaurant for the great variety and excellent quality of the starters, the main dishes and especially the fish you can taste. Dimitris, the owner of Bacchus restaurant has a 30 years of experience as Chef Cuisine in Greece. Every summer from the beginning of May till the end of October he gives the opportunity to taste authentic Greek food both for lunch and dinner to all the tourists who will visit Corfu Island.


An iconic film in Greece is Bakalogatos and it is all around this wonderful restaurant. The black and white posters on the walls, old pictures, retro objects, as well as the grocer’s shop dressed with classic style, like we used to know it back in the day, form the imaginative setting that arouses forgotten images of the past. The emphasis, though, apart from the decoration, is given to the food. Creative appetizers all made in here, come to overflow a table with a scent of nostalgia.


Klimataria is a fish restaurant founded by Nikos and Lilly Bellos and run by the family. It launched back in February 1997 in Benitses and operates from February to November every year. Klimataria only has eleven tables and therefore reservations are highly recommended.

Olympia Mare

The marina lies in front of you and the blue sky is the perfect background. A surprising menu mixes Greek and International cuisine most magically. It is worth noting that you may also enjoy a cup of coffee or admire the view from the roof garden. With lounge music and cool drinks, the breathtaking marina view is the absolute setting for your dining or wining experience.


Paxinos is a family run business in the heart of Benitses. It specializes in local Corfiot cuisine, fresh fish and fresh meat on the grill.  This family run restaurant serves their own home made wine and vegetables come from their own land.


Established back in 1932, this is an iconic restaurant located on Kapodistriou Street.  In a tasteful environment, you are most welcome to enjoy a journey to the senses and relish every single bite.

Roula Fish Tavern

Traditional recipes are based on fresh and local ingredients and they always use the finest olive oil. With a variety of sea food dishes, you are bound to enjoy a superb dinner of freshness. All ingredients are chosen carefully as you will find out by tasting all these different dishes.

Spiros Karidis Fish Tavern

This traditional Greek fish tavern is located along the coast of Boukari village. The friendly service and a plethora of fresh fish and sea food make this tavern a true gem among other food options on the island.


Having been established in 1936, this is a wonderful place for magical appetizers, juicy spit-roasted lamb and awesome locally grown fruits, along with local wine of the finest quality. There is also live entertainment with traditional songs and dances from all over Greece.

Corfu Sailing Club

Corfu Sailing Club is located inside the old fortress and has been open since 2004. It has established itself among the top choices of both locals and visitors to the island. Mediterranean and Greek dishes, seafood and fresh fish combined with an amazing location indisputably constitute an exceptional proposal for a meal.


“Best restaurant in Greece 2014’ and “Best Greek cuisine award 2014”, this restaurant is run by the famous Greek Chef Ettore Botrini and his wife. It is located in a beautiful courtyard in a quiet part of the village Kato Korakiana. Fusing tradition with modernity and splendid techniques, this is jist the place to be!

Kukutsi sushi bar

Kukutsi Sushi Bar in Corfu is located in a magical place inside the Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel, with a great view to Pontikonissi, where you can enjoy genuine Japanese flavors and dished with the care of a specialized sushiya (sushi chef). The sushi master fillets and prepares in an open kitchen the rolls (maki) and the fish fillets (nigiri and sashimi) using the traditional method and under the strict condition of excellent quality of the raw materials

La Cucina

This restaurant is located at a crossing in a part of the old town behind Spianada square. The restaurant offers International and Italian kitchen of a high standard, this in combination with a cozy atmosphere and an excellent wine cellar.

La Famiglia

Hidden away in a narrow street of Campiello a part of the old town, this restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and serves delicious Italian plates.

Ristorante Del Sole

In Del Sole restaurant, customers are introduced to the true Italian taste, with the use of only the finest ingredients and with the immense tradition of an exquisite cuisine.

Salto wine bar

This wine bar bistro is located at the old port of Corfu town. It is a new, familiar, modern and sophisticated wine bar, allowing you to explore new tastes in food and wine enjoying music from all over the world.

The Venetian Well

One of the most romantic restaurants in Corfu is in fact the "Venetian Well". Fully renovated and operating under a new management, this restaurant is ready to dawn a new successful path! Atmospheric, romantic, with open tasty horizons, overlooking the beautiful Kremasti Square, in front of the historical Venetian well, its cozy and carefully decorated interior combines great aesthetics with the building's history. The "Venetian Well" reenters the gastronomic map of Corfu and is open all year long!

Toula’s restaurant

Toula’s restaurant is located at the beach of Agni, at the north-eastern part of Corfu coast. The restaurant offers high quality and strict standards, with mainly fresh and local products, everything is prepared in the restaurant and nothing is bought ready.
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