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    1. The company under the name "KONTOKALI BAY RESORT AND SPA HOTEL COMMERCIAL AND TOURIST ENTERPRISES SA" informs you that, for the purpose of executing the service contract, and in particular, in the context of performing its business activities (i.e., room reservation, catering, event organisation, etc.), it processes your personal data described in detail herein, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR) and the applicable Greek legislation (Law 4624/2019). Therefore, your personal data are processed to provide you with our services during your stay/vacation at KONTOKALI BAY RESORT AND SPA, as well as to enable you to evaluate our services.
    2. I, the signatory, ……………………………………………………………………., resident of…………………………, hereby state that I have been informed about the collection and processing of my personal data as stated below:
A. The Hotel collects the following data during my stay for the purpose of providing the agreed services:
            i) Identity and permanent residence information/data: Full name - Full Address - Identity Card Number - Nationality - Date of Birth
            ii) Information/data related to my stay at the hotel: number and type of room, date/time of arrival and departure, length of stay, information about purchase of goods and/or services, information about departure (flight number)
            iii) Information/data about payment methods/means of payment, if payment is made at the hotel: EC-cards, credit cards, debit cards 
B. For the use of spa services:
            i) Health data (medical history, diseases, allergies, etc.)
C. In order to be provided with the best services possible, including a more customised stay, I was informed that the following data will also be collected
            i) Information/data related to my preferences/requests: special dietary requests, preferred floor, bed type, or any other special requests
            ii) Data involving images: photos/videos (that may be uploaded on websites/social media)  
            iii) Contact information/data: residential address (postal address) - email address - mobile phone number
            iv) Car license plates
            v) Phone numbers dialed through the hotel operator, and
            vi) Information/images obtained through closed circuit television, which operates legally in our premises as a security measure for the safety of persons and goods, in which case you are informed upon entering these areas by means of clearly visible signs.

In addition, personal data (full name, email address, mobile/landline phone number, credit card number, preferences regarding your stay at the hotel, such as room preferences, dietary habits and preferences, medical conditions that require a special room furniture arrangement, etc.) which you provide to us and/or are forwarded to the hotel by online hotel booking engines and tourist agencies, so that you can enjoy our hotel services, are processed for the sole purpose of providing our services to you, as well as to improve the services we offer. Therefore, collection and processing of your personal data is absolutely necessary for the performance of this contract, which concerns the provision of services to you by our company and is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 (1)(b) of GDPR. The company transfers personal data to other natural or legal persons, to whom the company entrusts the processing of personal data on its behalf. In these cases, our hotel is responsible for the processing of your personal data and the processing procedure, takes all necessary technical and organisational measures to protect and safeguard your personal information, and enters a special contract with the persons to whom the processing is assigned, in order to ensure that processing is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal framework and to safeguard the free and unhindered exercise of the rights granted to natural persons by the legal framework.
In addition, data are transferred to third parties for the purpose of sending advertising material and information on products, services and offers, on condition that consent has been given by natural persons. The data are also transferred to business consulting companies, accounting services companies and banks we cooperate with as part of our legal business activities.
Your personal data are retained for a predetermined and limited period of time depending on the purpose of processing, taking into account the time interval of our business relationship and the legal obligations to which we are subject (e.g. tax law). After the end of this period, these personal data are permanently erased from our records, or anonymisation is applied. According to the provisions of Article 13 et seq. of GDPR, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data retained by our company: the right to information, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to data portability, the right to object to automated individual decision-making including profiling, and the right to file a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (
If you wish to exercise these rights, or withdraw your consent regarding processing of your data based on this legal basis, you can contact the hotel at



I, the signatory, agree/give my consent to allow this information to be retained after my departure for the following purposes:
    i. To receive better services in my next/future reservation/stay at the hotel 
        YES □                                             NO □
    ii. To receive information in the form of e-mails/sms/newsletters/letters about packages/offers/discounts and/or other promotional activities regarding the hotel either during my stay at the hotel or after my departure 
         YES □                                             NO □
    iii. To receive calls or text messages/printed material in the context of customer satisfaction research 
         YES □                                            NO □
I also agree that these data may be transferred to third parties 
    i. Other hotel facilities (e.g. restaurant, etc.) for the provision of associated services 
         YES □                                            NO □
    ii. Social media posts related to the hotel's promotional activities (for example, when you like or share such an activity)                              
         YES □                                            NO □
    iii. My membership with the hotel's loyalty club rewards program
         YES □                                            NO □
You have the right to withdraw your consent for the purposes listed in this Statement at any time, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the GDPR. 
Corfu, Date ……………………… 
The signatory providing consent 



Moreover, in line with health protocols currently applied in Greece to counter the COVID-19 pandemic
"We would like to inform you that our hotel retains a record with the personal information (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details, address, telephone, e-mail address) of all persons staying at its premises for the purposes of public health safety and contact tracing. 
These data are collected and further processed, for purposes irrelevant with your stay or the hotel's promotion, in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 disease, and are based on the hotel's legitimate interests to protect the health of its employees, customers and associates by complying with the Health Protocols and action plans for managing COVID-19 cases which were issued by the Greek Ministry of Tourism for Tourist Accommodation Establishments". 
I have been properly informed: YES □

The undersigned acknowledge and agree, including for and on behalf of any of my co-guests, and invitees, that Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa S.A. (the “Hotel”) reserves the right to refuse accommodation, cancel or modify existing reservations in its sole discretion if I (or any of my co-guests or invitees) am displaying symptoms of COVID-19, am not complying with the suggested prevention measures or in the Hotel’s determination, create risks to other guests and employees of the Hotel.
Government Gazette 2084B/2020 and JMD 1881/2020 
I also understand that the Hotel does not accept any liability or responsibility for any costs, claims, liabilities or expenses howsoever incurred or suffered by myself (and any of my co-guests or invitees) in relation to or associated with my stay.
Article 60, Law 4688/2020. Government Gazette A' 101/2020 
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